Vol. 44 (2008), Issue 5, p. 63-68


Empirical Exposition of the Adsorption’s Ionic Mechanism on Gaseous Nitriding

Cojocaru M., Ciuca I., Druga L., Cosmeleata G.


УДК 621.316


Countless contradictions, of practical or theoretical kind, associated to the gaseous nitriding process, for a long time have forced the researcher to study in depth the theoretical aspects of the process. The analysis of the main phases of the mass transfer process occurring within the nitriding process led to the conclusion that the phases responsible for the series of noted contradictions are the ones correspondent to the reactions in the environment, respectively on the interface environment-product. Through theoretical studies and experimental verification it was exposed that, in the reaction space, in conditions specific for the gaseous nitriding to occur, the ammonia undergoes, most probably, in areas close to the metallic surfaces, in the same time with the thermal catalytic dissociation, an ionization process that is followed as a consequence by the apparition in greater number of anions and anionic complexes. In this paper are presented the results of the studies and experimental researches related to the adsorption’s ionic mechanism on nitriding in a gaseous medium.


Экспериментально установлено существование анионов при газовом азотировании в аммиаке. В рабочей зоне, в зависимости от создаваемых условий могут сосуществовать недиссоциированные молекулы аммиака, продукты их диссоциации в виде радикалов типа NHx, анионы, катионы и др. Выявлена возможность ускорения процесса газового азотирования путем наложения на зону обработки электрического поля.



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